How To Use A Masturbation Sleeve On Him




Sex toys can spice up your sex life, but most of the time, people assume you’re referring to vibrators for women. In fact, the far majority of people believe that sex toys are just for women! The reality is that there are a lot of sex toys out there for guys, from cock rings to anal toys to masturbation sleeves. And not all of this is just for solo play – here’s how to use a masturbator on HIM!

Masturbation Sleeves Aren’t Just For Him

While the name “masturbation sleeve” gives people the idea that the product can only be used during masturbation , the truth is that a masturbation sleeve can actually be used during a handjob as well! If your partner has been apprehensive to the idea of bringing in a sleeve, trying it on him first during a handjob can warm him up to the idea. He may very well be surprised at just how good it feels! Instead of lubing up your hands next time for a handjob, slip on a masturbation sleeve instead and let the fun begin!

How It’s Better For You

Let’s face it – giving a handjob can be tiring. Especially if your man isn’t super sensitive. If you’re really trying to bring him to orgasm through a handjob, you could be there for thirty minutes or more pumping away. Plus, there are lots of different handjob techniques you need to learn if you really want to get good at it. Or, you can just bring in a masturbation sleeve!

  • Using sex toys on him during a handjob makes it much, much easier for you. You’ll notice that you don’t get tired as easily or that your hands and arms don’t cramp up as quickly.
  • No technique is really required when giving a handjob with a masturbation sleeve. The texture of the sleeve does it all for you.
  • Since the sensations are much, much more powerful, your man will reach orgasm much faster than if you were just using your hands.
  • It’s a great alternative to having sex if you really just don’t feel like putting out!

How It’s Better For Him

Using a masturbation sleeve on him during a handjob isn’t just easier for you, it feels better for him too! There are many benefits for him when using sex toys during a handjob instead of just your hands.

  • The soft material feels way better than your hands, especially when used with enough lube
  • Many sleeves are textured inside to provide different sensations during use.
  • This is a good toy to use if you’re a novice, or haven’t had that much practice giving a handjob. A handjob can take forever if you’re not skilled at it, so save yourself the trouble (and make it feel better for him) by using a sleeve.
  • It’s great for him because using sex toys during a handjob will make it so much easier for you, you’re going to be willing to give him handjobs more often!

Advanced Techniques

There is so much fun to be had for both partners when using sex toys with each other. Even if it’s not a couples sex toy, such as in the case of the masturbation sleeve, you can still have a lot of fun using it on your partner and watching wave after wave of pleasure wash over them.

  • Try using it in the shower with a really thick, silicone based lube. Just make sure your toy isn’t silicone!
  • Try mutual masturbation on each other. Use the masturbation sleeve on him and let him use other sex toys, such as vibrators on you!
  • You can also masturbate yourselves with these sex toys while watching each other. This is a great way to learn how your partner likes to be touched!

Things To Keep In Mind

Keep in mind to use lots of good lube when using a masturbation sleeve on your partner. Check out what your sex toy is made from – silicone toys cannot be used with silicone lube. Water based lube is pretty much a safe bet for anything, so make sure to stock up before you get started. Male masturbators really can’t be used without lube!

Also, keep in mind that you will need to clean the sleeve properly after each and every use. Think about it – those things can get pretty nasty if you use them more than once without cleaning them in between uses! Most sleeves are easy to clean because you can flip them inside out, but if you choose other products such as a Fleshlight, you’re in for a little more cleanup. No matter which sex toys you choose though, the cleanup is well worth it!

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